Bats in your attic?

 Groundhogs under your shed?

   Squirrels in the attic?

 Skunks in your garden?

Welcome to Animal Control Pros
Nuisance Wildlife Control and Pest Animal Removal

We not only remove your problem, we prevent them from coming back.
We cover Scarborough, Maine, south to all of York County in Southern Maine.

When you have animals in your home. What do you do? Call us, we know how to take care of them. If you try to do it yourself you may place yourself in danger. These animals may carry diseases. We will come to your rescue with humane removal methods of these nusance critters, and relocate them to a habitat better suited to them!

We pride ourselves in making sure that however the problematic, nusance animal entered your home, they will no longer have that access point available. We seal off all of the potential entry points so you can rest easy that when the job is done…it’s done. Best of all, you won’t generally even be able to see what we’ve done until we point it out to you. Our goal is for your home to look undisturbed.

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